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Fingerstyle Collection 1

In this collection by Centrostudifingersyle, I partecipated with the piece “Bourrée”, played with the guitar in Nashville tuning, for almost an harpsichord sound.



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Ludovico Einaudi for Guitar

A collection of eight pieces for piano of Ludovico Einaudi, arranged for solo acoustic guitar. This great musician has always impressed me with the purity of his melodies, and it has not been simple to preserve it with the guitar and its extension of only three and a half octaves, so limited in front of the eight octaves of the piano!





Bella Notte

Giorni Dispari

I Due Fiumi


Le Onde



Stella del Mattino


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Lap Steel Collection

The guitar played “lap style”, that is placed horizontally over the legs, has enjoyed increasing interest over the last few years, thanks to great musicians like, among others,  Ben Harper, Bob Brozman, David Lindley and Ed Gerhard. But I think that such interest could wane if there is a lack of new music specifically dedicated to this technique. This book is by no means a classical method, but rather than a collection of instrumental tunes, different by style, meant to both stimulate the novice's interest in this fascinating technique and to widen the repertoire of the expert.


Il Fiume e Le Rose


November Blues

Luna Lejana


Nuvole Lente

Blue Zephyr

Bear Pace

Hidden Shores

Lamplighter Blues

Moonrise Waltz

The Dragonflies' Boogie

Verso Sera

Gnossienne N°1


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Partial Capos

With this book I propose a new approach to guitar composition, based on the use of one or more partial capos, accessories that allow an “open tuning” sound, with the guitar in standard tuning. The book includes 10 studies and 10 songs.


Ginger Dance

Parata dei Soladtini di Piombo

Wintertime Stomp

The Night-hawk Ballad

Around the Fire

Green Clouds

Model T Rag

Lost Mine Rag

The Froggy Pond

Bagatella in Do

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