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The herons of the velvet glade

This was my first musical production, an audio tape (!!!), so an authentic relic of modernism, far away in time, it seems to speak of the nineteenth century! I remember it with great nostalgia, though, if listened now, it shows a little his ingenuity. The songs have a sort of Windham Hill mood, at that time I really loved the Windham Hill records, especially the first two by Alex Degrassi, and in fact here I used a lot of "strange" tunings. Over the years I have lost these songs except one, Bourrée # 2, which I still play with great pleasure.



The Silver Lining

This is my first official record. I really like the title "The Silver Lining", an English proverb says: "every cloud has a silver lining", (all is not as bad as it looks, we would say "not all evil comes to harm "), but I like to think that so is the music, a beautiful and precious silver lining for our dark times. A collection of pieces for solo guitar, including several styles and techniques.

Track List

Blues for Preston

Hidden Milonga

Toucans' March

The Dragonflies' Boogie

The Liquid Sky

The Tie Twiddle

A Mischievous Glance

Sons of the Desert

Beyond the Moorland

Bourrèe e Saltarello

Thea's Theme

Postcard from Arecibo

C'era una volta il West (Ennio Morricone)

The Far Bank

Letter from Riobamba


Waltz for Debby (Bill Evans)

Aurora (Ralph Towner)


The Road to Culver City

This is a sort of "concept album". As a child, one of my favorite TV shows was "Today's it's The Funnies" and I remember the excitement I felt when I heard the distinctive theme tune (the famous “Cuckoo Song”) announcing one of the Laurel and Hardy films; a long time ago now, but  that joy and excitement are still as strong as ever. A collection of short pieces, performed with various instruments, (there is also some electronic!) and inspired by the films of the great Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Culver City is the small  town in California, where Hal Roach first set up his production Studios.

Track List

The Road to Culver City

Model T Rag

Slow Burn

Pie Fight

Mae's Waltz

Girls and Sailors

Honolulu Sunset 1

Honolulu Sunset 2

Honolulu Sunset 3

The Crazy Scientist/On the Roof

Tango for J.F.

City Traffic

The Boys' Quadrille

Two Owls

The Three Bears Jig/Cops and Robbers Shuffle

Snow is Falling

Possum and Taters (Charles Hunter)

Sons of the Desert

The Road to Culver City (reprise)

Harrison's Landing

A collection of instrumental pieces for weissenborn, resonator guitars, electric steel lap, banjo and some strange vintage instruments, such as diddlebow and hawaiian tiple. On the cover you will find a picture of Nico Paladini, great Italian artist from Tuscany.

Track List

Blue Zephyr 1

Blue Zephyr 2

Hidden Shores

The Mill by the River

Hawaiian Spleen (Manlio Biagi)

How Much Sweetness Extends (Manlio Biagi)

Diddlebow Blues


Luna Lejana

Bear Pace

Moonrise Waltz

Parata dei Soldatini di Piombo

Jamaica Farewell (Erving Burgess)

Serenade (Philip Rosheger)

Nuvole Lente

The Strenuous Life (Scott Joplin)

Birch Leaf Waltz/October Rag

Pour out that “Keiròs”

Sunset Rumba

I Will (Lennon/McCartney)

Shaman Blues

Harrison's Landing


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Not So Fast...

This is a project entirely dedicated to the weissenborn, wonderful instrument that is having a second life, after it has been forgotten for long time. Here I used a lot of different tunings; 10 songs are  of my composition, 6 are arrangements of famous songs, written for other instruments.

Track List

Serenade (Philip Rosheger)                                       

The Path By The Lake                                      

Paddy's Rag

C'era Una Volta Il West (Ennio Morricone)

Jamaica Farewell (Erving Burgess)

Turtles In The Fog

Nuages (Django Reinhard)                                       


Montebuio Blues                                               

Antigua Stopover


Summertime (D. Heyward, G. Gershwin, I.Gershwin)

Maigret Down The Riverside

Aquamarine (alternate version)                                   

Gnossienne N°1 (Erik Satie)

Old Trains Depot